Investor Alert: The Dubious Dealings of IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd and CEO Roberto Divkovic

In a concerning development for potential investors, IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd, under the leadership of CEO Roberto Divkovic, has come under scrutiny for fraudulent activities. Based in Serbia, the company, led by the 32-year-old Austrian citizen, has been accused of breaching investment agreements and deceiving investors with false promises of high returns from gold trading in Africa.

Roberto Divkovic Gold Scam

Background of the Company and CEO

IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd, a Serbian-based company, has recently gained notoriety due to its questionable business practices. The CEO, Roberto Divkovic, an Austrian national residing in Austria, has been at the center of these controversies. The company’s website,, presents an image of a robust business, but recent events have cast a shadow over its operations.

The Investment Scheme

Divkovic’s approach to raising funds involved promising potential investors lucrative returns from purchasing gold in Ghana, Uganda, and Burkina Faso, and then selling it to the National Bank of Serbia. However, these claims have been exposed as false. Investors who were enticed by these promises now find themselves in a precarious situation, with their funds tied up in what appears to be a deceptive scheme.

Breach of Trust

The most alarming aspect of this situation is the breach of signed agreements by Divkovic. Investors who placed their trust and financial resources in his hands have been left without their due returns and, in some cases, without their initial investments. This breach of trust raises serious questions about the ethical practices of Divkovic and his company.

Personal Accounts and Legal Action

Descriptions of Divkovic as a “compulsive liar” and “immoral person” by those close to him add a personal dimension to the allegations. These character assessments, although subjective, paint a concerning picture of the man at the helm of IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd. The company is currently facing legal action, a move that could potentially bring some relief to the defrauded investors.

Investor Warnings

This situation serves as a stark reminder to potential investors about the importance of due diligence. The allure of high returns should always be weighed against the credibility and track record of the company and individuals involved. In the case of IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd and Roberto Divkovic, the red flags are evident, cautioning investors to steer clear.


The case of IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd and Roberto Divkovic is a cautionary tale in the investment world. It underscores the need for vigilance and thorough research before committing funds to any investment opportunity. As the legal proceedings against the company unfold, they will hopefully provide more clarity and justice for the affected investors. Meanwhile, potential investors are advised to remain alert and informed to avoid similar pitfalls.